Monday, 31 December 2012

A New Year

   It's New Years Eve! The day when everyone is busy scribbling down their new year's resolutions and preparing for guests and a long night. The end of 2012 and the beginning of a new year, with new adventures  to be had and a clean slate to start anew. Let's recap.
   This year, I began to write this blog. It started out as a fun little project for me, a tool to document the events leading up to my trip to Europe. Though I lost my travel buddy along the way, it has been a wonderful and unexpected ride, and now that my trip is all signed, sealed and soon to be delivered, I'm glad I've had this blog to keep my dream alive. As a result, I'm off to Europe in four months!
   I have enjoyed writing posts for this blog, though they were irregular at best. My commitment to the blog might have been stronger, had I something to write about. At first The Journey To Paris blog was a means of story telling; then it was a hobby. Then it became a duty to the loyal readers that showed their interest and kindly put up with my lack of continuity. In the end, The Journey To Paris became a sort of confused idea, something between a record of a young girls dreams to go to Paris, and a blog that showcased everything about french culture that she loved.
   I've realized that, The Journey To Paris was not only literally what the name entailed, but also a journey to adulthood. A journey to my dreams and goals. A journey that was bumpy and uncomfortable and lonely at times. The journey to Paris was my life's journey to the person sitting here today, writing away at this table. And will continue to be the journey to the person I will be in the future. All I know, is that my journey to Paris, became my journey to a new life of happiness and living my dreams. Of overcoming fear of things I didn't know or understand and learning that life is what you make it. My journey will not end when I arrive in Paris, it is but the beginning, or a pit stop in the journey if you will.
   As my ideas of what this blog will be in the future have transformed and grown to bigger and better proportions, I have decided to do a re-launch. This is my last post not only for this year, but for a couple of months, which I will spend on the re-construction of the blog.
   The Journey To Paris blog will be re-launched on March 1st. (Have fair warning that this date is subject to change.)

   So, what changes can you expect upon the re-launch of this blog?
   - More writers and guest writers!
   - Regular updates!
   - Current events coverage!
   - Real life accounts from the journey's of other travelers!
   - Professional photography!
   - Recipes, How-Tos, DIY projects!
   - Weekly inspirational stories and quotes to keep you motivated through the week!

   The aim of The Journey To Paris is to encourage you to take your own journey to whatever your Paris might be. Maybe you want to start cooking lessons and become a better chef at home. Or you want to physically travel, maybe not to Paris, but embark on your own journey to whatever place is closest to your heart. Maybe you just want to make it through the day without throwing something at someone. This is the place to come for encouragement and maybe even a laugh.
   These things is what I hope for The Journey To Paris to be. Over the coming months, I'll be working my hardest on presenting a blog that cultivates all these things and more.
   I hope you have a wonderful New Years Day, and that you will be sure to check in on March 1st.
   Thank you for your support!
   Rebecca Hope.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Get In My Closet.

   Bonjour mon amis! It's time for some Paris dreaming. Yes, your right, I do spend my days doing this already but I would like to share with you my musings. And today's musings are on style, fashion, clothes!
   French fashion. Renowned the world over for it's leading fashion houses like Chanel and Givenchy, Paris is the birthplace of style, and the death of blasé.
   Granted, if you hit the Paris cobblestone streets to see such displays of high fashion consciousnesses, you'd probably be disappointed by the hordes of travelers and tourists dressed to the nines in tee-shirts and runners. I guess it depends on where your looking.
   Despite the changing trends that seem to be reinvented every five seconds, you know when your looking at a frenchy outfit. The essence of the french style is so strong and defined, most people see a beret and immediately start pulling out the extensive knowledge they have of the French language and bid you a thousand bonjour's before you can get a word in.
   But having said my piece about the typicality of the french look, I do have to say I am big fan of black and white mime shirts and french knotted scarves.
   Look below for my collection of french inspired outfit photos. Bonne journée!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Food. Again!

Sweet delights!   Yay! Another post about food!
   You may (or may not) remember that a while ago I was attending cooking classes, and made some very ugly looking but sweetly delicious macaroons and some heavenly golden croissants that were pretty much perfect in every way except for the fact that they were not consumed in France.
   My classes have finished up and so now I am on my own, just the kitchen and me. I have a few recipes that I think I could handle, but I just need the inspiration.
   Speaking of inspiration, how about that Pinterest? What a wonderful piece of web area. I have the app on my phone and spend almost every minute of everyday checking it. Almost. Some of the other minutes are spent watching old Barbara Streisand movies.
   What I didn't realize when I signed up was that the pictures are almost always linked to the site where the picture is from, and that you can get recipes for the No Bake Nutella Cheescake, and the how to for Birthday Cake Shots with just a click of the mouse/tap of the screen. Mind. Blown.
    As of this moment in time I live at home... with my parents. How cool am I? So, I don't do much cooking. But they say when you move out, and the necessity to feed yourself becomes greater, with no one to cook for you, you are forced to learn how to say, boil an egg. I know, weird.
   My secret plan (promise you wont tell anyone this) is to learn the basics at home, and then leave the complicated recipe-following cooking to the day I move out. Yes. Good plan.
   Right now I'm happy to keep buying my croissants from the grocery store. Or for something really special, buy them from the bakery, just to class things up.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Places & Spaces

   Oh the drama!
   Just when you think you've got it all figured out, life sucker punches you. Thanks life.
   Due to an unfortunate turn of events, I am apparently off to Europe by myself now.... eek!
   My impending trip to Europe has had some hiccups lately, but has not deterred me from my path of traveling glory! It has forced me to really look at what I want to do and see on this trip, and I have narrowed it down to five countries to explore.
   France, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, and England.
   Of course, their are other countries that I want to see just as much as these, like Spain and Sweden just to name two, but alas, I cannot visit them all at once! So they will have to wait until the next trip.
   France was the first and most obvious choice, and in the beginning I was quite happy just to stay in Paris for a few months and enjoy some french bliss. But with so many other interesting places just within my reach, I expanded my ground of exploration. 
   My adventure is set to last two wonderful months, and though I may not have my buddy Brooke to accompany me, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself magnificently. 
   Now that you all know where I'm going, I'm sure there are many of you just brimming with advice and tips for me! If there is anywhere I must ABSOLUTELY see, or something I must ABSOLUTELY do, leave me a comment.
   P.s. I've been scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and I must say, THANK GOD FOR PINTEREST.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sweet Incentive...

   Anyone who has ever planned a trip overseas would know that it takes lots of organisation, planning, and sifting through heaps of information. Basically, it's a lot of work.
   I didn't realize how much research and planning goes into travelling until I began to chart my own trip, and after sitting at the computer for hours and hours, looking up accommodation, flights, tours, cities and attractions, it dawned on me just how much I was taking on.
   So, I did what anyone in my situation would do: I stuck my head in the sand. Too much information for my little brain to take in and sort through!
   The past few weeks I have answered people's questions with "No, nothing's booked yet, just waiting for the right time." or "Yes, I am excited! No, I actually have no idea when I'm leaving or where I'm staying."
   Once the realization that I was going on a trip that was literally not in existence yet, made me look at what I was actually doing to attribute to my travelling plans. And the answer was absolutely nothing.
   So last week, I went to the nearest shopping center and bought myself some incentive - to keep my eye on the prize, so to speak:

  The Lonely Planet phrase book has been a godsend, and it has inspired me to give some trip planning another whirl.  
    I wear the Eiffel Tower necklace every time I go to work, to remind myself what I'm doing it all for. All the blood, sweat and tears are for something! 
   With my faith in myself restored, I have some exciting new plans for my trip! Goodness knows their have been a few hiccups, (especially lately) but it's made me more determined then ever.
   Once I have some more concrete plans made, I will post them here, and maybe inspire you into planning a little trip of your own :) 
   Merci pour la lecture, au revoir!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


   It's no secret that I love anything french. Every time I come across something Paris themed, I just adore it and want to buy it immediately.
   I've noticed that french vintage is all the rage at the moment, and it's popping up everywhere! One of my favorite stores, Typo, has climbed on the Paris bandwagon and started filling their shelves with frenchy things and it's made me very pleased indeed. 
   Here are some of my discoveries:


      I have a list about as long as my arm of souvenirs to bring back from Paris for friends and family, so I will definitely have my hands full when I get home! Maybe I could pay a visit to Typo when I get back, save some luggage space..... 

Monday, 9 July 2012


   I follow a lot of blogs, but one of my favorites is Making Magique. It's a blog written by an American living in Paris, and I have so enjoyed discovering the city through the eyes of a local American/Parisian. Haleigh, the writer of Making Magique, takes beautiful photos of her adventures, and also runs her own online boutique called Rebelle.
   I love her style, and I wanted to share some of my favorite clothing items from Rebelle, because I'm slightly obsessed!

Evil Twin dress

Pencey dress

Minkpink dress

Wildfox Couture sweater

Rebelle necklace, Marais USA shoes, Urania Gazelli clutch

   Check out her online store here, and follow me on Pinterest, were I have more pictures of outfits and things that I love and obsess over :)
   Au revoir for now! xx